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Hi, I'm Jim ZHao

Welcome to my Tech art & Game WOrld

Life Portal
VFX based on Unreal Niagara System

Force Time Swap.png

Time SWAP with FORCE
VFX based on Houdini & Unreal
Inspired by STAR WAR:Jedi


Rust Ribbon
VFX based on Unreal Niagara System
Inspired by Stim Needle from APEX

Smoke Spline Generator
VFX based on Unreal Niagara & Embergen

Dream of Chained Sisyphus
A 3D action game inspired by The Myth of Sisyphus of Albert Camus

Procedural Forest
A Procedural Generated Landscape based on Houdini & Unreal


Neo God
A CG movie based on Unreal


Micro Strike
A stealth game in comic style

Xeno Image.png

Xenomorph Roar

A Houdini Vellum Simulation

Liquid Shader
A stylized shader script based on Unity

Dongpo's Zen World
A VR Game based on Unity


Other Works
Demo, VFX & 3D Models

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