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Koenigsiegg Rigging



This super Car rigging project used a series of machine rigging tecgnologies. It contains suspension bumping controls, synchro helix door and spline motion system.  

The model is remeshed from an origin model of Auto CAD project. Also, to make the accurate effect, parameter charts exported from CAD are used. 

To make the bump effect, I created a suspension controls system containing a series of locator with constraint to make the linkage relations of the axis and main body.

Koenigsiegg supercar has a cool feature called Synchro Helix Door. To make this effect, I used Driven key here. The slider-shaped controller drives the special motion of door model in several key frames and make the whole process. 

To make the animator's workflow more efficient, I created this system based on spline, it will calculate the rotation angle of wheels based on the current length of the car routine. Also, the steer wheel will rotate automatically while the car is steering.

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