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Ruzhang (Jim) Zhao

Technical Artist, Technical Designer, Level Designer, Game Programmer




Date of Birth

May 12th, 2000

About Me

I am Ruzhang(Jim) Zhao, a first year graduate at Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University.

As a Technical Artist / 3D Artist / Technical Designer / Level Designer, I have been focusing on learning and utilizing various skills & technology including VFX, Rigging, Shaders, Procedural Generation and 3D modeling to create and visualize the beautiful virtual worlds. 

I was a Technical Art intern at Tencent Timi J3 Studio (participated in the VFX/Shader/Texture/Lighting production of CODM, Cross Fire and Nizhan), where I learned the professional technical art pipeline.

Internship Experience

2022.06 - 2022.09

2021.08 - 2021.19

Tencent Timi J3 Studio

Technical Artist


Game Designer

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