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Genre:  3D puzzle game

Engine: Unreal

Date: 2022.12

My Role: 3D Artist, Game Designer, Programmer


A wanderer in Cyberspace tries to break the rulers' ban and escape to an interstellar civilization in a parallel universe.
Travel among 3 periods in history to get the forbidden technology needed.


Gameplay Design

Time Swap Ability

Using the "Coffin of Infinity", players can travel among three landmark buildings from different eras in this game. 

The main structures of the three scenes are similar (based on the same level greybox.)

However, the positions of obstacles and interactable objects are different, requiring the players to switch eras and solve the puzzle.


Level Design

Level Overview

Level Overview.png

Level Flow


The wanderer will spawn at a Roman hall, getting out of there through the corridor.

On the bridge, players need to travel among times to walk beyond the gaps and enter the main building.

In a closed room, players need to lower the surrounding walls, enter another parallel universe and step on the edge, where they can elevate the wall to enter a crevice inside the wall.

After entering the elevator in the next chamber and arriving at the top floor, the player can use the time machine again to get out of the cage there. Use the rocket to escape.

Then, players will be faced with a dual-platform puzzle after crossing the doorway. Trigger it will lift the first one and lower the second one, then the players can step on a floating machine. Then they need to reverse them and reach the other side.

Gameplay Design
Level Design
Level Inspiration

Level Inspirations


While developing the levels, I selected four famous buildings as the landmark of each scenes.


1. Borromini’s Corridor

In 1540, Borromini created a masterpiece of forced perspective optical illusion in the arcaded courtyard, in which diminishing rows of columns and a rising floor create the visual illusion of a gallery 37 meters long (actually, it is 8 meters) with a statue at the end of the vista

I made the 3D model of this corridor as the beginning part of the level.  

2. Brutalist Architecture

Brutalist architectures descend from the modernist movement. They usually use exposed, unpainted concrete or brick, angular geometric shapes. Many people. Many critics find the style unappealing due to its "cold-hearted" appearance.

I created a building in this style. It appears in an era that is suffering urban decay and totalitarianism.


3. Neo-Baroque Architecture

“Neo Baroque” was an architectural style of the late 19th century. People see this as a usual element of the Industrial Revolution.

In this game, I use a building in this style as the landmark of the age of steam. The inner space is designed based on the Paris Opera House.

Art Details

Art Detail

​3D Models


Technical Detail

Time Travel Prototype

I use a portal-like blueprint to make the time-travel gameplay. I duplicated the Blockmesh levels in the same scene. Each of them was made into a building later. Portals were put into the buildings from different eras, allowing players to jump among “times.”


After the players enter the collision of the portal, it will record the players’ current position and forward vector, spawning them at another portal with a certain label.

Technical Details
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