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Bakara's Phatom Rigging



Bakara's Phantom Rigging is a charater rigging project containing IK/FK switch, Skinned Curve Spine, Twist Joints.

A custom parameter used here to make the IK/FK switch feature. When the value is 0, the IK joints motion information will be transferred to the bind joints; When the value is 1, FK joints will controls them.

A custom enum parameter used to make the hand IK controllers can follow the position of different parts of the character (head, chest, pelvis, world, COG)

I created a PyMEL script to generate the Twist joints used for muscle twist motion. Based on the selction, it can generate joints and special constraints automatically for both sides and parts of arm.

Foot IK used a series of joints(ankle, ball, etc.) to make various foot motion

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