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Other Works



Air Combat

In Blender, I modeled a WWI-style Biplane. Then, I created the texture using Substance Painter.

Using Unreal, I developed a flight control blueprint. When it gets the mouse axis inputs, the plane will rotate around the Pitch axis; After getting the Q & E key inputs, it will do a barrel-roll motion by rotating around the Roll axis; If players press W and S keys, the speed will change.

I also added a blueprint component as a weapon system for the aircraft. A timer was used in the loop body to control the bullet respawn interval.


Cyberpunk Suzhou Garden

An interactive game scene based on Unreal Engine, combining Chinese traditional garden and cyberpunk elements.

When I was in my internship, I conducted field research in a Qing Dynasty merchant estate in Hangzhou, studying the layout and architectural structure of classical gardens

In technical part, using Unreal's blueprint programming, I created the interactive parts of the game; using the engine's material and landscape system to create scenes and effects

In art part, I utilized Blender modeling to create the models of the scene. Additionally,  Blender and Houdini's procedural modeling features allowed me to create some of the game's objects with random extrusion.


Chain Game Prototype

VFX & Materials

VFX & Materials

Liquid Shader based on Unity

In shader script, I set a height parameter inside the mesh. All the faces above the height will be clipped, which creates a liquid surface effect. When the model is tilted, the liquid level will always remain horizontal.

Also, the shader is two-sided, and the color of each face is controlled by different parameters. This allowed me to create a "fake surface."

While developing the wave effect, I was inspired by Gerstner Wave Theory. I superimposed three layers of sine waves with different frequencies to create an effect similar to the fluctuations in nature

Additionally, I created a C# script to make the wobble effect of the liquid.



Fabric Material by Substance Designer


Using Substance Designer, Substance Sampler, and Substance Painter processes, more than thirty materials (Silk, Cotton, Synthetic Fiber, Nylon, PVC) and more than thirty sets of Normal and AO textures were created for the team's fabric material library.

To facilitate the art team to adjust the material parameters, I used different nodes to expose the Warp Color, Weft Color, Roughness, Metallic, AO Intensity and Normal Intensity of the material, in addition, I also set different adjustment ranges for the material according to its type. I recorded the best intervals in the team wiki.


In the process, I used some interesting methods. For example, in order to allow the art team to precisely control the color of the warp and weft, I used multi-layer curves and filling algorithm to separate the colors of the texture resources according to the difference in brightness, and controlled them separately using two color parameters.

VFX by Touch Designer

In Touch Designer, I processed the triangular sphere by using Edge, Noise and Vertex Offset node,  creating a loop animation inspired by Chinese traditional blue-and-white porcelain.


Sci-fi Shader based on Unity

At the time of production, to facilitate the team workflow. I set multiple exposure parameters by category. Such as color and transparency of hexagonal edges and centers, offset speed and intensity, Fresnel related parameters, etc.
I summarized and documented a set of interconversions between Unreal Material, Unity Shader Graph, and Unity Shader


Particle Effect based on Unreal Niagara

UI material Effect based on Unreal


Smoke based on Embergen & Unreal

Level Inspiration
Art Work

Art Work

3D Models



Technical Exploration
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